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At what temperature do you broil steak?

Answers : 2 | In : Broiled  

Broiling is usually done at a very high temperature. Most ovens have a broil o...
Lemon curd how to make ?

Answers : 1 | In : How to Make  

Lemon curd is the best flavored curd you can make at home. Curd contains citru...
How to brew Green Tes?

Answers : 1 | In : Green Tea  

Boil plenty of water in a kettle. Remove from flame and steep green tea leaves...
You should take weight loss pills only if they are prescribed by your dieticia...
How to make greek yogurt ?

Answers : 2 | In : How to Make  

Greek yogurt is easy to make at home with very less time and money. For mak...
How to make yogurt ?

Answers : 1 | In : How to Make  

Making yogurt at home is very easy. You will need just few things such as mil...
How does one brew beer?

Answers : 1 | In : Brewed  

I did some reasearch and now can answer this question for others. Brewing yo...
How many calories does an egg contain?

Answers : 1 | In : Health  

A small egg may contain about 54-55 calories and a big egg will have abou...
peanut butter is healthy but it is also very high in calories so its better if...
How to make no sugar ice cream?

Answers : 1 | In : American Cooking  

Making no sugar ice cream is same as the normal ice cream, but for the differe...
Any herbal tea is free of caffeine. However, any variety of red/black tea cont...
Feeding your 8month old baby is really very important in order to provide a go...
How to reduce weight in 10 days?

Answers : 1 | In : Weight Management  

Loosing weight significantly in 10 days is not quite an achievable goal becaus...
Apart from the other contributory factors such as age, gender, activity level,...
What is black tea good for?

Answers : 4 | In : Black Tea  

Health benefits of black tea is still under research. However, A study has con...
Can anybody give me a diet chart ?

Answers : 4  

Which is the best quality condensed milk ?

Answers : 2 | In : Milk  

Best quality condensed milk is probably one that is thick, creamy and well pre...
Can anybody tell me how to prepare kehwa?

Answers : 1 | In : Teatime  

There is a description of it in the book "My Last Supper" (in the se...
How to cook Harrisa ?

Answers : 7 | In : How to Make  

How would I know ?
Which food is the best suited for cold season ?

Answers : 2 | In : Medicinal Food  

Food that produces heat internally is probably best suited for cold season. A ...
Which is the best food season ?

Answers : 1 | In : Food Fun  

I believe it is the use of sauces, especially soya sauce, that distinguishes c...
Which food is best for children below 8 years of age ?

Answers : 2 | In : Health  

Fruits and boiled vegetables are good for children below 8 yeaars. And Most im...
How to avoid junk food?

Answers : 3 | In : Health  

Self control and discipline is needed. Everytime you look for instant gratific...
How to cook chicken fried rice ?

Answers : 1 | In : How to Make  

I only know how to eat it.
Is Coffee really good for you?

Answers : 1 | In : Health Benefits Ingredients  

May be.
What are some of the medium Prana food?

Answers : 1 | In : Food Science  

Here are some foods that are ranked as Medium Prana Foods on the Prana Inde...
What makes food High Prana?

Answers : 1 | In : Health  

Prana is greatest in food that is naturally brightly coloured, nutrient-den...
What is considered Low Prana food?

Answers : 1 | In : Health  

The farther the food is from its source, the less Prana it will contain.&nb...
What are some of the common High Prana Food?

Answers : 1 | In : Health  

High prana foods include fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Y...
What is your favourite italian wine and food?

Answers : 2 | In : Italian Cooking  

Brunello with Osso Buco
  If you're allergic, vegan or want to reduce your choles...
Yes, sprouted grams, be it green gram, Bengal gram or any other bean, are h...
Which is the best destination for cakes & pastries??

Answers : 2 | In : Eating Out  

It should be Europe or North America
Which is your favorite flambe dessert and why?

Answers : 1 | In : Dessert  

Flaming Peach Dessert Peaches, ripe but not soft 2-3 tbsp. Butter 3 tbs...
Are fertile eggs more nutritious?

Answers : 1 | In : Health  

aren't all eggs fertile?
Originally, all chicken eggs were probably brown. Over time, people selectiv...
Does anyone have a recipe for a good Granary bread?

Answers : 2 | In : How to Make  

Here's the recipe for 2 lb.loves of granary bread. Take 1 oz fresh yeast(40 ml...
Why you like Philippine food?

Answers : 3 | In : Asian Cooking  

Be sure and give credit to such articles. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Theoretically you8 probably could. In auaitlcty you really shouldn't as cocoa ...
Pakistani Cuisine is often overshadowed by its geographically larger neighbor ...
What is your favorite French dessert?

Answers : 1 | In : Enjoying Food  

Chocolate Mousse is my favorite French dessert.
Which is the best foodie destination in the world?

Answers : 2 | In : Eating Out  

Los Angeles is great. a little more influnced by mexican cuisine though.
Why you like French food?

Answers : 1 | In : French Cooking  

Due to Coq au vin (chicken in red wine) ,Pot au feu (beef stew with mixed vege...
Why you like American food?

Answers : 1 | In : American Cooking  

i like American food because it is tasty and mostly baked, which is a healthy ...
What is this pot luck?

Answers : 1 | In : Dishes  

Pot luck refers to a party or informal gathering of people where the dishes ar...
Why you like Bangalore food?

Answers : 1 | In : Indian Cooking  

  Bangalore is one of the few South Indian cities where you get so se...
Why you like Indian sweets?

Answers : 1 | In : Indian Cooking  

Indian sweets are truly delicious. There is a enormous variety to choose from ...
Why you like Punjabi food?

Answers : 1 | In : Indian Cooking  

Because it is spicy and very nutritious. I love Rajmah Chawal.
Why you like Thai food?

Answers : 1 | In : Thai Cooking  

I like Thai food because of its very flavorful aromas. Also the meal has a bal...