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Any suggestion for dessert?

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Why Vegan?

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I'm vegan mainly because of environmental and health benefits, but also...
Anyone can adopt a vegan diet. I am a vegan of 10 years and was pregnant 3 tim...
How to prepare mango pickles ?

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sweet sour & spicy pickle Ingredients shredded sour mango - 1 cups sugar ...
What is south beach diet ?

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The South beach is a new way of eating allows you to live contently without e...
How to add your pics album in your profile page ?

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instructions don't show up! I am having issues with the learning curve of s...
Which one of your soups is most healthy?

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Hi Foodlover.Thanks to you too.Well almost all soups that contain lots of vege...
How can I make healthy tortilla?

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12 cups water 350grms red potatoes 8 large egg whites 2 large egg yo...
What is wu long tea?

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Fox,Yeah it is not often that a tea bores me! This one just did not have anyth...
Can we make a reveiw catagory here ?

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Affiliate programs that pay for ads spsoroned google adsense and there are qui...
Give me some tips on restaurant show. ?

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Hi. Try focusing on places that you know in your area. If you already love the...
Shoot, so that's that one suoppess.
Why Fun Food ?

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For me, all food is Fun Food. I enjoy all types. Everything in moderation! I h...
How about some cocktails like mai tai ?

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i never hear of mai tai - where is this made?
Indian Cooking Challenge ?

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Chicken Tikka Masala ?

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This is my favorite too.
What will you do if Capital money is not an issue ?

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What will you do with Capital?

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web marketing. - Start marketing through web banners and ads on popular web...
What are the best indian summer drinks?

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Thandai and lassi are the best indian summer drinks.
What is low glycemic food ?

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This is correct low glyemic foods are very important for diabetics and people ...
Organic milk what is the real deal?

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I definitely agree that you shouldn't have to pay for the marketing val...
Chinese vs Mexican vs Italian ?

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I would go for chinese
What is a tandoor?

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Tandoor is an Indian clay oven. Popular in the northern part of the country it...
Is Chana (Black gram) Lowest Glycemic Index food ?

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Meat, any meat, has a glycemic index of 0