Any health benefits of radiance fruit salad?

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The radiance fruit salad can make you truly radiate with health. It is a medley of colourful fruits, which are nutritious as well. Made with cantaloupe, kiwi, and strawberry, these are the health benefits you get from this salad:

·     Vitamin C – If you’d like your skin to radiate, this is the salad you should try. There is an abundance of this vitamin in all the three fruits, which tightens your skin and makes you look healthy and youthful.

·     Vitamin A – Cantaloupe is rich in this vitamin, which is again essential for healthy skin, bones, and tissues of your body. It also aids in good vision and improves your disease fighting ability.

·     Fiber – This adds bulk to your food and helps with digestion. It makes you feel full, thus aiding with weight loss.

Here are some healthy fruit salad recipes that you can try.