Any known health benefits of phytase enzyme supplement ?

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Phytase enzyme supplement is an enzyme blend obtained from fungus named as Aspergillus niger. Phytase is naturally present in our body but with age (normally after 35 years of age ) this enzyme is lost through tissue fluid. We need to supplement our body with phytase to maintain our bone health and keep our body’s calcium stock alive. Here are some of the highlighted health benefits of phytase enzyme supplement:-

1) It has phytic acid that forms insoluble complexes with essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. This helps in retaining the nutrients required for bone and cartilage health.

2) It helps in much better absorption of plant fiber by activating the gut-friendly bacteria to degrade the cellulose particle.

3) As it works on your digestive ability, it also does some favour to your stomach ailments like acidity and bloating.

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