Any particular health benefits from eating hidden rose apple?

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The hidden rose apple is a unique reddish yellow apple with a juicy pink interior. It has a good flavor with a combination of sweetness and tart. It is great for cooking and eating it fresh. Here are some benefits you derive from eating this apple:

·     Heart healthy – This is good for heart patients and people who have the risk of developing it. This is because it has absolutely no fat or cholesterol, which are the usual culprits for high cholesterol and heart disease.

·     Relieves constipation – The fiber content of this apple improves bowel movement and helps relieve constipation. It is good for other digestive ailments too.

·     Healthy skin and bones – Antioxidants promote healthy skin tissues and bones.

·     Good vision – Vitamin A helps improve the vision and prevent any eye problems.

·     Improves Immunity – Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and assists the body to fight against diseases.

These health benefits of an apple can be derived by including it regularly in your diet.