Are sprouted green gram more healthier than the plain one? if yes why?

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Samina Tapia Samina Tapia

Yes, sprouted grams, be it green gram, Bengal gram or any other bean, are healthier than the plain ones and have more benefits and nutritional content. 

Sprouts are full with essential and balance nutrients.

The vitamin content in sprouted seeds increases from 100% to 200%. They are loaded with antioxidants, which help the damage caused by free radicles in our body.

Even though, raw whole green gram is rich in trypsin-inhibitors that block the effects of protein digesting enzymes in the gut, sprouted green gram has lower amounts of these inhibitors. So, sprouting of green gram has more benefits.

Additionally, sprouts are rich in digestive enzymes, have good source of B vitamins and richer in protein and minerals content compared to raw gram.