Are there any harmful effects of eating gelatin?

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Gelatin is a protein-containing substance made from animal skin and bones. It is used in cooking, primarily to thicken and stabilize foods, such as ice cream, candy, and aspic. Although gelatin, which is derived from collagen, is believed to help with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hair quality, and weight loss, there is also a risk of the following:

·     Being made from animal collagen such as cattle skin and bones, it is linked to the development of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE / mad cow disease).

·     Research has revealed that BSE spreads among animals which are fed bones and meat from BSE-infected animals.

However, there is still some hopeful news about gelatin:

·     The ones we get from the market is made primarily from pig skin, which is not affected by BSE.

·     Fish-based and seaweed-based versions are available .

·     There are several quality checks and processes adhering to which gelatin is made. This ensures that BSE-infected raw material is not used in the production and thus eliminating the presence.

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