At what temperature does cheddar cheese melt ?

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I do the toast in the toaster then add grtead cheese and put it under a hot grill until it's gently bubbling, but not brown. I occasionally spread tomato pure9e on the toast before I add the cheese. I would NEVER put butter on the toast. EVER!

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Cheddar cheese is off-white to yellow colored cheese which is comparatively harder than most cheeses. The cheddar cheese which was originally made in the Cheddar village in Somerset is the most popular of all cheeses in the UK. The cheddar cheese varies from sharp to mild low fat and high fat versions. So, the temperature at which cheddar cheese melts differs accordingly. Generally, low heat is preferred for melting cheddar cheese with béchamel sauce.

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- what is the melting point of cheddar ?

- what is the melting point of cheddar cheese ?