Can grapes fight against any diseases?

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Grapes can be really beneficial in alleviating diseases like varicose veins, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. It also acts as an excellent laxative. It works thus:

·     Rich in flavonoids – These bring about antioxidant effects, which bring down your LDL (bad cholesterol). Thus, it reduces blood pressure and lowers your risk for heart disease.

·     Potassium – Normal levels of this mineral is required for proper body functions. Lack of this can lead to hypokalemia, which refers to lower levels of potassium. Grapes help replenish these levels in the body and help it to function without issues.

·     Carbohydrates – These provide you the energy you need to carry out your tasks during the day.

·     Vitamin C – Essential to treat the condition called scurvy, which results in bleeding gums. Also essential for healthy bones and skin.

·     Vitamin B6 – The proteins in your body must be used effectively to attain its benefits. This vitamin helps with the breakdown of protein and its consequent absorption.

Here are the top health benefits of grapes that you may want to know.