Can I pick honeydew melons for acid reflux diet?

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Want to stop those irritating episodes of acid reflux? Include honeydew melon in your diet regimen! Studies indicate that this low carbohydrate and high fiber fruit contains natural sugars and enzymes that help your stomach to remain calm and free from common disorders.

How it Helps In Acid Reflux?

1)  It has antacids that help in neutralizing the acid/base balance in stomach. This balance is of utmost importance when seeking any medical attention to treat the condition. Imbalanced acid/base condition leads to a series of stomach disruptions that refuses to go away with an array of medicines!

2)  It has ability to stimulate defensive stomach compounds that increases the bicarbonate secretion. This process is essential to help in better nutrient absorption.

3)  It leads to mucus secretion that helps in maintain required concentration of magnesium and potassium ion in the stomach. 

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- Can I pick Honeydew for acid reflux diet?