Can pregnant women eat chorizo?

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It all depends on your cycle and how feirtle you are. If you don't use any contraceptives at all. VERY LIKELY. Withdrawl method (Pulling out before he cums) is only 75%-80% effective. With a condom (when used properly) is about 95% effective. the birth control pill is 99% effective if you take the pill the same time everyday and never forget. Otherwise it drops to 95% if you take it everyday and occassionally forget a day. If you continually forget it then I suggest another method. They say that the shot is up to 99% effective but I know 2 of my friends got pregnant when they used the shot. I don't know much about the patch. I know it's supposed to be 99% effective but the problem with them is you get irritated skin and they tend to peel off sometimes. Also, there is a greater risk for blood clots and stroke with the patch. You could get the Norplant which is 99.9% effective. It does require a surgical procedure to insert the plastic tubes in your arm. (My sister recently had hers removed after 5 year and she said it hurt like hell) IUD is something that is inserted into the vagina and releases chemicals. It's 98% effective but they do tend to fall out It happened to my mom numerous times. There is the morning after pill that is only 85% effective. It must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. It is not an abortion pill. The morning after pill is used before you get pregnant. Before the sperm can even reach the egg. They do have an abortion pill (I think its called Mifepriston or something) that kills the baby but it must be used within 40 days of being pregnant.


There is always a chnace with unprotected sex. It doesn't matter how many times you did.However, your chnaces would be increased if you had sex, during your fertile period. Which can span for almost two weeks, altogether.There is no real percentage to give you, because every woman is different. Some couples simply have fertility problems, for whatever reason. Everyone is made differently. The average couple takes six months to conceive, without using any form of birth control. And then some women can easily become pregnant after one single act of unprotected intercourse (and sometimes protected!). It's just all a gamble.Bottom line: If you aren't ready to become pregnant, use a reliable method of birth control, each time.

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Yes, pregnant women can eat chorizo. Always make sure to eat the cooked chorizo. Never eat raw chorizo. Chorizo is a kind of sausage made with pork meat and paprika. Never consume chorizo in large amounts as it contains deli meat and paprika which are not very safe for your baby. It might have some adverse affects during pregnancy.

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