Can you tell me some quick lunch ideas for Valentines day?

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Chocolates, cocktails and sweet desserts are definitely most welcomed menu items to jazz up the romance, but you can also think of celebrating the day with some quickly made exclusive lunch items. Check out our latest picks on some sassy and swoon-worthy deals to make the most of the day!

1) Ranch-style pasta with chicken:- This kitchen-easy non vegan dish is made with Parmesan cheese, chicken breasts, bread crumbs, greased with butter and dressed perfectly with salad oil; enjoy the day by pairing it with cocktail.

2) Garlic-shrimp noodles:- Chinese believe in eating noodles on any auspicious day to glorify it and propserity. Same is the case with Valentines day, so enjoy the day with your partner rolling long noodles on the fork!

3) Single-Pan fudge cake:- Cake is the most celebrated item of this day, so wrap up your menu with one-pan fudge cake that is low in cream and high in revving up your mood!