Do eggs help as fat - burning food ?

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Eggs are evidenced as the best fat-burning food through a handful of recent studies. This is mainly because of the yolk content. Many people are of notion that egg yolk must be avoided to stay slim and keep off those bad cholesterol piling up. However, this myth has been busted now and egg yolk adds to your weight loss regimen along with providing chock full of nutritional benefits.

Eggs As Fat Burning Food

1) Yolk provided dietary cholesterol that has least impact on blood cholesterol level. Dietary cholesterol makes you satiated and cuts down your cravings as well.

2)  Insulin resistance is another major concern for obesity. Egg yolks have essential proteins that lead to better insulin metabolism and ultimately this affects the fat burning process.

3)  High insulin in blood is responsible for less fatty acid release, but standard or low insulin level makes the fatty acid release process smooth and this is done by egg yolk. Result is fat melting down and calories burning off!

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