Does banana help as fat - burning food ?

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Bananas are nothing less than a fat-burning powerhouse for a number of good reasons! Eating bananas do not disrupt your sugar level and help in steady maintenance of insulin flow in the blood. Here are the details on why eating 2 bananas a day will keep you as fit as a fiddle!

Fat-Burning Properties In bananas

1)  Resistant Starch: - A kind of carbohydrate that is purely resistant to digestion and gives you the feeling of sumptuousness is present in bananas.

2)  Increase in Fat Oxidation: - Continuous intake of resistant starch through bananas leads to improved and speedy oxidation (burning) of fat and helps your body get rid of extra fat.

3)  Conversion Of Fat into Energy:- Bananas have ability to first oxidize and metabolise fats rather than carbohydrates and thus convert it into energy. So, there is no question of fat accumulation with banana consumption!

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