Does ginger help as fat - burning herb ?

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Time to supercharge your ordinary dish with a dash of ginger ! Ginger is ranked among the super food herb that is not only great for curing throat infections and indigestion but also cuts down your flab. With more than 25 organic compounds found in ginger, it is an all round herbal cure. Let us see how it does the trick for overweight and obese people:-

1) It helps in burning off excessive calorie that is not required after assimilation and digestion of food.

2) Zinzerabin is the photochemical found in ginger that send signals to liver to burn fat and eliminate unnecessary fat deposits in tissues.

3) It helps in better circulation of healthy fats and removes the unhealthy fat molecules from the blood stream.

4) When combined with lemon and tepid water, it makes for a very healthy concoction that acts directly on your belly fat.

How To Use Ginger?

1)      Add zingy touch to your steamed cooked rice by adding fresh ginger wedges.

2)      Thin slices of ginger over your strawberry dessert/sorbet or vanilla smoothie can wake up the flavour.

3)      Blend ginger with apples and grapefruit to make a yummy morning juice.

Try out some of the ginger based stuffs like  ginger cooler, raisin ginger bread and ginger spice cake.