Does preparation of milk make use of any bacteria/fungi?

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No, preparation of milk does not require the use of bacteria. While raw milk may contain them, they are generally removed by various processes, like pasteurization. Milk usually undergoes the following processes before it is distributed:

·      It is collected from the farm and transported in insulated stainless steel tankers that keep the milk cold during transportation.

·      Once it reaches the factory, it is tested for protein, fat, and bacteria. Unfit milk gets rejected.

·      Good milk is then pasteurized by heating it to a specific temperature for a particular amount of time. This is done to ensure that all possible bacteria are killed.

·      It is then homogenized to allow the fat to be dispersed evenly in the milk.

·      It undergoes further processes to reduce fat content and increase shelf life.

·      It is then sent off in trucks for distribution.

Therefore, there are no bacteria or fungi used in preparation of milk. However, it should be noted that milk products such as curd, buttermilk, and cheese contain good bacteria.