Does tomato help as fat - burning food ?

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Well, tomatoes are found to be helpful in cutting down fat and flab bur work only in conjunction with a healthy high-fiber diet. Raw tomato especially expedites your overall metabolism and lead to weight loss in a month’s time. Let us see how it truly works as a fat-burning food:

Fat-Burning Property of Tomato

- Contains photochemical like lycopene that regulate fat metabolism and allow only healthy fat to synthesize and accumulate in the body.

-  Some special group of antioxidants found in tomato accelerate the formation of a fat breaking compound called carnitine.

- Helps in decreasing the craving for fatty and oily foods.

- When combined with a pinch of rock salt, tomato can work wonder on fat cells and make them more efficient in generating energy out of cholesterol and fat.

  How To Include Tomato In your Diet?

 Even if you are not a big tomato fan, try to include it through tomato soups, stews and homemade sauces. Diced raw tomatoes alongwith onions make for some simple yet healthy afternoon salad.

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