Got a bag of swiss gourmet apples..would like to know its health benefits... ?

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Swiss gourmet apple is a popular variety of apple grown in Europe. It has a juicy crunchy texture with a combination of sweet and tartness. Apples in general are good for health and can give you the following health benefits:

·     Zero fat and cholesterol. This does not add any cholesterol to your blood and thus is promotes heart health.

·     Contains fiber – More fiber means better digestive health. Apple contains pectin, which adds bulk to the food you eat and help digest food well. It helps relieve constipation and eases out irritable bowel disease.

·     Detoxifies – Nutrients in apple detoxify the liver and pushes the toxins out of the body.

·     Vitamins and minerals  - Apple contains several vitamins and minerals which perform crucial roles in maintaining the body in good health.

So go ahead and use the bag of swiss gourmet apples to make your favourite swiss apple pie or pudding.