How can I eat squash blossoms?

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Squash blossoms are bright , colourful, and edible. You can use them in a variety of ways. Try experimenting with the following methods and see which one you like the best:

·     Eat it raw – Simply toss these into a salad. It gives a herbal and sweet taste and would be a great combination to arugula, which gives off a bitter taste.

·     Stuff it up – Put in a creamy cheese stuffing, season with salt and oil, and eat it raw. Else, you can also bake it.

·     Fried blossoms – If you would like a crunchy cheese version, batter the blossoms and season them before frying. You could also stuff them with cheese and fry.

·     Add to soups, stews, and sauce – the slightly sweet and herbal taste makes the squash blossoms suitable for these kind of dishes.

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