How do you figure out the measuremnts for egg replacers for any cake of yuor choice?

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Donna Miller Donna Miller

The volume of one medium egg is typically 1/4 Cup.

If using a liquid or dry ingredient, I would say 1/4 cup.

If you are mixing the ingredients above to replace the egg, the flax seed meal I would say 1/8 cup of each water and meal to mix 1/4 cup mixture.

Another optoion is soy flour. Mixed the same way, but it's not quite as tasty in my opinion.

Lastly maybe simply liquid egg whites...1/4 Cup.

I don't know about the other because of the chemical reaction that the acid from vinegar and the soda reaction varies and is usually not stable enough for measurement. 

I've never heard of replacing eggs with that before, I have heard of replacing yeast with it though.Eggs are a binder, where as soda and an acid (lemon or vinegar) is a levening.


Hope this is helpful.