How do you make seaweed salad ?

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Hey Ria, I normally wash all the food from the garedn first, because you will see the spray on some leaves depending on rain or watering habits. I have yet to notice any change in flavor after washing. If you add about a tablesppon of molasses to every 1 gallon batch it should bring down the fish emulsion order. I bought my fish emulsion at Lowe's and have bought both the fish and seaweed at nurseries around town.


The molasses is actaully necessary. You should be using organic unsulphered cane (not beet) blackstrap molasses. The molasses provides sugars and carbohydrates that the microorganisms in your tea need to eat in order to reproduce. The bacteria and fungi in your tea are what chelates the nutes in your soil or fertilizer into plant available. Also they fight off pathogens that can make your plants susceptible to pest infestations and disease. I would add some other things to the recipe as well.

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Seaweed salad is a very delicious salad dish is mostly offered and served along with sushi and other seafood. One of the main ingredients of this delicious recipe is wakame seaweed that is appreciated for being rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A, C, E and K. Click on the below mentioned link in order to know the entire recipe:

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