How good are crab apples for acid reflux diet?

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I would say that crab apples are not good but the best remedy for acid reflux! Crab apple or wild apple is the red fruit from Argentina and comes with crunchy feel, sour taste and sweet fragrance. It has multitude of health benefits out of which treating acid reflux symptoms is at the forefront. With 68 percent of water content and 5 percent of fiber constituents, crab apple is an incredible natural antidote for acid reflux patients.

How does it Act as the Acid Reflux Antidote?

1) The white pulp of crab apple is rich in a compound called karyotin that stimulates the secretion of stomach juices. This process leads to soothing of acidity like condition and stops the unnatural growth of bacteria that is the consequence of high acidity.

2) The heady combination of crab apple juice and ginger is helpful in preventing vomiting and heartburn caused due to acid reflux action.

3)  It has beneficial enzymes that lead to better action and required production of bile juice in our intestine. Bile juice depletion leads to acid reflux ailment in most individuals.

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