How healthy is the mutsu apple?

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The Mutsu apple is also known as Crispin. It is originally from Japan, but is now grown in United States. It is a juicy large green apple with a sweet and tart flavor. It can give you the following health benefits:

·     Zero in fat and cholesterol – Being so, it helps bring down your cholesterol levels and promotes heart health.

·     Vitamin C – This adds to your disease fighting capacity, protects your body against oxidative damage, and aids in absorption of iron.

·     Iron – This helps keeps your haemoglobin levels stable, which aids in preventing anemia.

·     Vitamin A – Essential for healthy teeth, skin, and soft tissues. Also improves vision.

·     Fiber – Fiber is very essential for smooth functioning of bowels, thereby facilitating proper digestion.

 Take a look at this mutsu apple and its benefits.