How helpful is Goji Berry in heart disease?

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pallavi_raj Pallavi_raj

Goji berries or wolberries are known for their powerful health boosting properties, like preventing heart diseases, delaying the aging process, fortifying the immune system and strengthening your brain power. It is highly beneficial for heart patients as it helps them in the following ways:

- They are packed with amino acids, vitamins and essential fats that prevent the damage to your DNA ( hereditary unit of cell that if damaged can lead to heart ailments).

- Being rich source of antioxidants that prevent free radical damage to the healthy cells, goji berries lower down the cholesterol level. This finally diminishes the chances of developing heart disease.

- These berries are loaded with special nutrients namely lutein and zeaxanthin that ensures smooth blood supply to the heart vessels. This is again very important to keep your heart in good health.