How long cake mix good ?

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It's not that good. You would be better off going to a super maekrt and purchase one of those cake mixes (Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker) They have been around a long time and it works. You would be surprised how many cake makers use mix.


This is a funny incident but pmost of you folks are copeletmly wrong about who the stupid person was. Sorry folks but the person who put the jump drive on the cake was doing the right thing. Why? Go back and read the dialog again. They were told to put the jump drive on the cake, and they even questioned that, giving the other baker the chance to clarify what they meant. Sadly that baker did not do ANYTHING to be more specific. People PUT EVERYTHING on cakes. Even Genitalia. The baker has no way of knowing what history is going through the head of the person requesting any particular thing, no matter how ridiculous it is. I have seen cakes with brokem html on them because the requesting person's browser was incompatible with the web based "I want this text on my cake" form. 35 years ago my first software job was in a glass manufactuing factory. The standing policy there was: "AVO" "Avoid Verbal Orders" They had little form pads everywhere. name, date, time and order. They never relied on people's memory for things. (it was a harsh, dangerous environment) The IDIOT in this case was the person who provides the jump drive without so much as single scrap of a note specifying what they wanted. Remember - if anything CAN go wrong, it will.

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A normal flavored cake mix usually lasts for at least 2 months. However, to be more specific, look for the expiration date mentioned on the box of cake mix. Usually the expiration date is written on the top of the cake mix box. Learn some more facts about expiration dates of cake mixes from the below mentioned link:,5143,635198788,00.html

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