How long can you refrigerate cooked seafood?

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shantihhh Shantihhh

yes, and chilli reheats wel

Cooking for one is most difficult. When Steve (my Steve) is out of town I findI don't cook much and do easy salads and such. I am still use to cooking for at least 6 when the kids were home and their friends were often at our table. Now when they and their families and my mom come over I am cooking for at least a dozen as friends often show up as well. I am more comfortable cooking for 12-24+ as I can cook more dishes.


The Tortilla Guy The Tortilla Guy

I agree M-A although I find it hard to cook for one or two the only things that I really reheat and taste better are pasta sauce, stews and one of my favorites Chili !!!

The Tortilla Guy

shantihhh Shantihhh

Seafood doesn't reheat well-it takes on a fishy odor and taste. I am always careful to smell befre buying. If it has a fishy odor, or if the fish eyes are cloudy-no thank you.

Even so refresh the fresh from the sea flavour placethe seafod in ice cold wter which has 1 tsp salt disolved in it. Let it sit for 20 minutes. This is an amazing refresher I learned 20 years ago from a friend, and well known Thai cooking teacher and author, Kasma Loha-unchit. It reallymakes a difference. Of course still live is best but not common utsideof Asian markets.

Cooked meats can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, but much better to prepare fresh and eat within 1-3 days of purcase. Ground meashould b used with 1 day IMHO as they go off quickly. Fowl like chicken is more perishable than meats. I cook chicken within 2 days always.

I often vacumn pack and freeze meats and chicken if I am not going to use right away. I don't freeze seafood as fresh is best!

Some things pasta sauce, stew, curries always taste better the next day if allowed to meld flavours in the refigerator. However, leftover reheated meats and chicken taste develop the "left-over" taste.


Snigdha Snigdha

It is best to consume sea food or any other meat the same day it has been cooked. In spite of it, if you are still left with some more meat, it can be refrigerated in air-tight containers and consumed within a period not exceeding 3 days.

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