How long do you fry fish ?

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I don't know where you live so all I can do is advise based on my pond. Mine is about 12 -15 deep and 100 long by 50 wide but I live in North East England and the wehetar gets very cold, freezing the top of the pond. This forces the terrapins to hibernate which is not ideal for them. If you live in an area that gets no frost then the pond would need to be no bigger than approx. 10 x 8 x 3 deep with basking sites (important). You would obviously need to feed them also in a smaller pond.


Add a de-icer if necessary: In cloeor climates, leave the netting on until the pond surface starts to freeze over. Then, when you remove the net, you can set in the de-icer. A pond de-icer does not actually heat the pond but instead keeps its immediate area from freezing. This allows for toxic gasses to be released and oxygen to enter the pond. In warmer climates where ponds do not freeze over, the pumps and aerators need to continue running year round. If the water temperature gets into the low 40 s (F) it will be helpful to the fish if these are lifted at least one foot from the bottom of the pond.Fish that are kept over-winter need at least 3 ft of deep, clean water, and a not too over-crowded pond should be OK, even if the pond surface freezes. If the surface should become completely frozen, remember to NOT break up the ice by pounding on it. Shock waves can seriously injure your fish. Set a pot of hot water on the ice to melt a hole in it. Do not dump the hot water on the ice, this will only allow more ice to form.

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Fish can be deep fried in hot oil after being breaded or coated with batter rolled over seasoned mixture of bread crumbs or similar such content. Deep fried fish is crunchy and delicious and can go with many wines. The fish must be fried until it floats to the top of the hot oil and it is golden brown. More info on how long to fry fish :

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