How long should you boil italian sausage before grilling ?

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Parboil the sausage for about 15 minutes. Put enough liquid in the frying pan so that it will cover the sausage. Use beer (or water with Italian seasoning) to retain the flavor. in the water to keep the flavor alive). When the liquid starts boiling start timing the 15 minutes. Preheat your grill to medium low and put the sausage on. When done parboiling brown on all sides your sausage should be cooked. Parboil raw sausage in an inch of water in a covered pan on the stove. When the meat is cooked (just barely) toss the sausages onto the grill on a med-low flame. It helps to make a few holes with a toothpick to let steam/fat escape. Lowish heat otherwise the outside will burn and the inside will be cold and uncooked.

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