How long to simmer mulled wine ?

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I wish you had I wish you had continued this seeirs. I have wine making videos produced that you might get ideas from, but I learn form your videos. Let me know what you think of my wine making vids. My beer making videos are out of date, but a tun of people find them helpful as well. Cheers


I didn't know about the no beer on Sundays law. That does seem a little odd. Someone once tried to exialpn to me that Minnesota beer has less concentrated alcohol, like it's 3.2.1 beer or something. I never did understand it.As for buying liquor in a grocery store, I have to admit, the law seems to be there more to support liquor stores than enforcing public safety. Its also weird how you can set up a liquor store in the same building, but it can't have the same entrance.

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You can simmer mulled wine for about 20minutes. You need to simmer on medium heat.When the mixture begins to emit white steam; you can turn the heat down to prevent the alcohol from evaporating. Do not over boil the wine since it will turn the spices bitter and cook out all the alcohol.

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