How many lasagna noodles make 8 Ounces?

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3 Answers

I do the America's Test Kitchen Pumpkin Bourbon cheesecake every year for Thanksgiving; my fmaily friends seem to love it (they request it). Me, I'm just as happy with a tart tatin...though I think the ATK pumpkin bourbon cheesecake is REALLY good. I just prefer chunks of fruit. :)


It takes me about 15 mins to make lasagna. You shloud look for Barilla Lasagna Con Ouvo.. You don't need to pre-cook the pasta, so all you do is lay it out and pour in the meat and cheese.. and then cook in the oven for 20 mins. :) So maybe it takes 35 mins (max) but that includes cooking time. :)


I'm not sure how many ounces, but for a large lasagna you typically need 9 noodles. A full box of noodles is typically 1 lb which is 16 oz.


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- how many lasagna noodles make 2 ounces?