How to buy Fontina cheese?

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Fontina cheese is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk. It is used as a table cheese and has a pronounced flavor. There are several versions of this being made in other countries apart from Italy. You can buy fontina cheese keeping the following tips in mind:

·        Texture – Check if the texture is semi soft, which is neither too soft to squeeze nor too dry. The original fontina is a creamy semi-soft cheese, with small holes on the surface.

·        Color – Look out for orange-brown natural rind. The versions made in other countries are coated in red wax. The cheese should also not have any green or blue spots, which are molds.

·        Taste – Ask for a sample to taste, if possible. The cheese has a creamy and nutty taste, with a strong flavor. Other versions are milder than the original version.

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