How to buy wensleydale cheese?

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Wensleydale cheese is a vintage Yorkshire cheese made originally from cow's milk. Nowadays, inorder to enhance the flavor, sheep's milk is also added into it. It should be bounght before  the age of 6 months or it gets stale and crumbly to eat. For your convenience, we have briefed up various kinds of wensleydale cheese:

1) Real wensleydale cheese - This one is very creamy from outside and a bit crumbly in texture from inside. You will be surprised by its tangy and slight honey-like taste that can be used over fruit custards and pancakes. Make sure to look out for those within 3 weeks of processing.

2) Mature and Extra mature wensleydale cheese - These are such varieties with hard texture and more pronounced salty taste. Buy it only when it is 6 to 9 months old.

3) Other similar varieties - You have blue wensleydale and smoked wensleydale also to try. These should be bought under 6 monthd of processing and manufacturing.

You can buy and fetch more information from online stores of Wensleydale cheese.