How to grow ginger in michigan ?

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You can grow your own plant from a ginger root that you purchase from the local supermarket. The night before you plant, soak the roots in warm water. Place the root in a pot filled with loose, rich potting soil. Ensure the pot use has sufficient drainage. Apply peat moss or organic compost around the plant. Then cover the pot with a carrier bag or plastic sheeting, then position it in a place where the sun shines, but be sure the plant does not receive direct sunlight. Check daily, and once you’ve seen the first shoots, it is time to remove the covering. The plant can be moved to the garden, once you are sure that no further frost will come. When growing ginger, water it regularly, but avoid the soil becoming saturated. Growing ginger is best planted in springtime. It usually takes three to five months for a plant to harvest. To do this, the whole plant must be unearthed, to reach the root.

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