How to lose weight?

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do not it food

sreemita bhattacharya Sreemita bhatta...

 Avoid oily food, avoid white bread and white rice, avoid too many pulses and avoid chicken and meat. Do have lots of vegetables

perceptiveeye Perceptiveeye

Weight gain can be because of many reasons. So, it is highly recommendable to heed to the cause of increased weight. Like say, if you have had an operation, it is very obvious that you will put on a few pounds.

However under normal circumstances, you can lose weight with the help of exercise and diet. Cereals are one of the best diets that can help you in losing weight.

shahid Shahid

Just avoid over eating.

nitimpsingh Nitimpsingh

anyone there

The Tortilla Guy The Tortilla Guy

will send we are more of a supermarket item !!

The Tortilla Guy

shantihhh Shantihhh

Thanks Steve!

We fixed grilled tri-tips, chicken and Margerita Shrimp plus the guac, black bean, corn, fire roasted tomato salsa, fresco cheese, cilantro, Jalapenos grilled, garden fresh Stockton Red onions and colourful bells w/garlic, sour cream, and grilled zucchini for the do it yourself wraps. Used both flour and La Tortilla multi granin tortillas. I didn't see Tumaro's at Costco, TJ's or Safeway. I can't wait to try them!

The Tortilla Guy The Tortilla Guy

send an e-mail to and I will send you some samples !!! I am going to have some onefind out which supermarkets you can find Tumaro's in out there !! You can also check out the web site at
The Tortilla Guy

shantihhh Shantihhh

Tumaro's ? Interesting is it distributed on the west coast? I am in the SF Bay Area. That is also where the La Tortilla is I think. It is the high fiber that makes them OK. I am very interested in your Tumaro's. WW is into the no white flour breads, actually breads count as points even on Core but I love wraps! I am making a buffet Do-it_yourself-Wrap ie faijitas for a family get together this weekend.

Marinating tri-tips, skinless chcken breasts, and some pork tenderloins, making my mango-tomato-avocado-jalapeno salsa, also black bean-fire roasted corn and chipotle tomato salsa, fat free sour cream, guac, etc. for the buffet. Probably a large fresh fruit selection. Maybe even some grilled pineapple slices-so yummy.

Hungry yet?

Ganesh Dutta Ganesh Dutta

thanks shanti, vikash,jonne ,steve!

yaah shanti ,Many popular fast-food menu items are unhealthy, and excessive consumption (where excessive is generally defined as two or more times per week) can lead to obesity.

The Tortilla Guy The Tortilla Guy

Tumaro's is much better for you and made with 89-93 % organic flour , also has the American Heart Association stamp on it. Lower in sodium, and we have been a partner item with weight Watchers for 11 years now. Also have won Best Tortilla Men's Health 2003, 2005 and Health Magazine in 2006. If you would like to try send me an e-mail with your address and I will send you a sample

The Tortilla Guy

shantihhh Shantihhh

PS-stop eating fast foods!

I love La Tortilla healthy tortillas!!!! Also polenta is OK so a fat free tamale and sopes, paposusas all can be made can be made with FF chicken broth, andI add some chipotle for extra zap! YUMMY. With the La Tortilla tortillas enchiladas, wraps, and such are A-OK and we often eat them. Great flavours are satisfying and you eat less. I am a ChileHead love spices and chiles!

shantihhh Shantihhh

I love the healthy choices way of Weight Watchers. It has made it easy and effortless to lose 34# after a back injury! I gained weight due to lack of activity (went from hopping on planes and traveling to Europe, Asia, India every month) to not even being able to drive for 6 months. I also was eating more for sure!

I omitted most cheese-I am a lover of cheese, decreased the amounts of oils used and consumed. I now use ONLY healthy oils like olive oil, canola and such. No white flour, switchted to healthy grains and brown rice in place of copious amounts of white rice. Fat Free dairy! I am not a dessert eater-so that is no issue. I basically ate healthy non processed foods like lean meats, skinless fowl, seafood, and many fresh veggies and fruits. Cut out chips that are greasy! I love oven roasted veggies cut into thin slices with seasonings! They are crisp and tasty!

I also was not a water drinker, but now I drink at least 64 oz. water a day! I still enjoy wine.

Portion Control is the BIG step! Eating this way is healthy and can easily be done for life. I am never hungry!

joanne cain Joanne cain

Practically anything can be eaten in moderation with daily exercise. :)

.::.Live. Life. Love.::.

vikash kumar. Vikash kumar.

First, identify the reason of increased weight. It’s important. See whether the reason can be short out or not, like junk food and high calorie food might be a reason for increased weight. These can be controlled. I.e. to reduce weight is not a unidirectional process; whole life style should be taken care of. Pranayama is of great help, this helps to maintain the optimum weight of a person.

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