How to make a mcdonald's caramel frappe ?

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Youi dont need milk for a frappe dont try milk please dont dumb people please dont not mentioning


Expert at frappes all you have to do is have crushed ice you should already have coffe but first you need to put little crushed ice to probally feel a small cup add your caramel about 2 cups of sugar and add your coffe blend together than when you know its ready just put in whatever cup you like and add whip cream on top and add the caramel on top and you have a beautiful caramel frappe from mc donalds i dont see how they make money from thaT DUMB PEOPLE BUY IT when you can get as much at home and cheaper!


Well why put icecream is my question and your face or whoever that is looks real dumb sitting their but thats your page i wonder who made this dumb page


You dont put icecream or you want be able to drink the frappe plus you should have put the frappe you made not your face but that what you think my own frappe probaly taste better than yours stupid


i got this of on
it woks pretty good. not as awsome as the McD's one though
you need: a blender, large glass, 1/3 cups of milk, 1cup of cubed ice, 1 to 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 tablesspoons vanilla icecream, 2/3 cups of coffee.
prepare tha coffe, while the coffe is still warm add the sugar. stir. add 1/3 cups of milk. stir. pour into blender. add 1/2 cups of ice. turn blender on and off several times to break up the ice. add 2 tablespoons of vanilla iceream. turn blender on to medium to blend. after its all blended add the other 1/2 cups of ice. blen until smooth. for a thicker frappe add more ice. pour into the large glass. top with wipprd cream and carmel suryp....ENJOY!!!!!!


Clicked the link and it says the page can't be found. PLEASE SOMEONE POST THE RECIPE! I am ADDICTED to McDonald's Caramel Frappe - no one else makes them as good! I am going BROKE buying these things! I need the recipe so I can make them at home! It is like a drug to me ... I HAVE to have one EVERY DAY!! (and I'm not even a coffee drinker! LOL)

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Making a mcdonald€™s caramel frappe is not an easy thing. You need caramel and milk for making a frappe. Given below is the link where you can find the recipe of caramel frappe:

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- how to prepare mcdonald's caramel frappe ?

- whats the recipe of a mcdonald's caramel frappe ?