How to make homemade jaffa cake?

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Jaffa cakes are wonderful assortment of 50 percent chocolate and 50 percent orange flavor. It is a sweet British snack that is loved by people who like the deadly combo of chocos and orange in one pack. Let us see how to make one at home. For cakes, you will need, castor sugar, eggs, plain flour. For the filling, you will need, orange jelly powder, orange marmalade, high quality chocolate or cocoa powder and warm water.

The process forst involves, pouring and mixing of orange jelly powder and marmalade together in hot water, until the smooth paste like consistency. Pour this mixture in  atray and then refrigerate it for about 4 hours. In the same time, mix the eggs, flour and sugar into smooth paste. Now bake it and then spread those jelly scoops over it. Melt some chocolate blocks and cover the cake with it. Your cake is ready to enjoy!