How to make jalapenos hotter ?

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The Cuban Style Pineapple, Rice & Beans looks delish. I think it would be a great meal to make, and use the letvrfeos for lunch. My week is slammed as I try to catch up at work from the long weekend. I also have to get 2 training runs in, along with teaching an aerobics class at my church. Thankfully, I have my nieces 1st Birthday party on Saturday to look forward to and to keep me motivated to push thru.


Oh my, what is a taco salad without the loads of aadcvoo?!?! How disappointing. :( You know, I was just thinking of a recipe to use with these same beans because I knew I bought them my last TJ trip. When I went to look for them, they weren't there. I guess I used them already but I was so bummed because I had a great recipe in the works. Oh well, at least I'm making a trip to TJ's this weekend. I'll have to get more! Hope you had a fabulous day love!

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If the jalapenos that you are using are not that hot, it cannot be made hotter. But one way to get hot jalapenos (hot capsaicin) is by planting the variety that rate high on the Scoville chart. Scoville chart gives the rating of the various capsaicin (jalapenos) that are grown world over. Check this link to know which jalapeno is the hottest. But jolokia, grown in Bangladesh and North-eastern states of India, is supposed to be the hottest jalapeno in the world -

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