How to make mickey mouse caramel apples ?

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Don't ya just love the good ol brutal hotsney from an 8 year old? I'm always quite aware of when it's time to get my hair highlighted, my breath smells like Doritos or if I've overcooked dinner thanks to my years of drilling it into my son's head that he must always tell the truth. Now I need spend the next 8 years teaching him some sort of "little white lie filter" before he gets married and tells his wife her butt looks big! Well, you get an A for effort on the apples!

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The caramel coating over the apple makes a very delicious dessert your kids will love the design of mickey mouse over the caramel.Given below are links where you can see the recipe of caramel apples:

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- how to prepare mickey mouse caramel apples ?

- whats the recipe of mickey mouse caramel apples ?