How to make peach schnapps ?

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Peach schnapps can be added to ice creams, jams & jellies, sauces, cakes, puddings and many other dishes to enhance their flavor. The schnapps can also be served with chicken, veal, pork, lamb and many more dishes. Fill a jar with nicely sliced up peaches (without the skin and pits) and clear unflavored vodka (with about 40% alcohol content). Seal the jar and store it at room temperature (64 to 68 degree F) for about 2 months. Check the taste regularly during this period. After the two month period, strain the infusion into clear jars/bottles and store for another month before serving it. This helps in aging the infusion and then peach schnapps is ready to be used. Here are some interesting peach schnapps recipes -

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