How to make pf chang cucumbers and recipe ?

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I was hoping you would be at the Clear Lake, Harvest Fest this year. Maybe next year. I had weatnd to buy there instead of ordering on line.I just place my order tonight. I hope it comes quick I use it in almost every dinner and have just a little left.Thanks


Yes, I like the pictures of how much of each thing for Grandma Hummel's Creamed Cucumbers betetr! Excellent! btw: Did you grow those cucumbers because they look home grown which are the best! The ones in the stores are often too fat and too filled with seeds. When I get those, I usually remove the seeds.

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Pf changs recipes have gained immense popularity in the world over and so have the cucumbers. The Pf changs cucumber salad is a spicy and crunchy treat over meals and are excellent sides with fish. The recipe makes use of vinegar, sugar and chili padi with cucumber that give the spicy taste. Here is the link that contains the recipe on how to make pf chang cucumbers :

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- how can you make pf chang cucumbers and recipe ?

- how do you make pf chang cucumbers and recipe ?