How to pickle habanero peppers ?

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Yes but make sure the jar is sealed good and don't touch them for a week or so. I know I know. lolWe do this. We put gairlc cloves in the pickle juice. I love pickled gairlc. Also hard boiled eggs can go in the jar of juice.


You sure can!! Heck, you can even use the leftover brine (either from sweet (bread and butetr pickles) or dill pickles .Just wash and stem the Jalapenos, pour the brine into a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Place Jalapenos in the now empty jar, take two knives (there's a reason for this: the knives absorb the heat of the brine and prevents the jar from cracking) and place them in the jar with the Jalapenos. Carefully pour the brine over the Jalapenos. Cool, cover and refrigerate for about 2 weeks. Enjoy your peppers!!!Christopher

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In order to pickle habanero peppers, a pickling solution is first prepared by combining water, vinegar, pickling salt and garlic cloves, which is then poured on washed and cleaned habanero peppers, and the peppers are allowed to stand for a minimum of twelve hours. If you want to learn how to pickle habnero peppers, here is a link that may prove useful:

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