How to preserve a gourd ?

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The gourd can be preserved to decorate the kitchen table (especially the yellow variety). Wash the gourd with mild borax solution and dry it with soft wool. This will not let spots form on the skin of the gourd. After a week of drying the gourd, the skin would harden and the color sets in. The gourds are then hanged in a dry room with good ventilation. They can also be dried on newspapers, which need to be changed daily. Small sized gourds will take 3-4 weeks to dry from inside, but bigger gourds take longer. urn them regularly to avoid mold from forming. By the time the gourd dries, its weight would reduce considerably and the seeds too would shrivel and dry up inside the gourd. Once the gourd has dried well, wash it well (if required with a steel wool to remove any mold formation) and dry with soft wool. After this, the gourd can be sanded and polished or waxed.

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