How to serve Mozzarella cheese in party?

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Mozzarella cheese is low in fat contents as it serves you with only 50 calories of energy. It is made with skimmed or low fat cow's milk and is high in casein ( milk protein) content. People who are on weight conscious diet but still wondering to get some cheesy slices int heir breakfast can include mozzarella cheese due to its high nutrition value. Here are some top serving ideas:

1) With Italian sandwich - Top up some Mozzarella cheese on the grilled Italian sandwiches to which some lettuce leaves and stir fried cabbage have been added.

2) As an Antipasto Platter - Toss it with marinated chicken, olive oil and garlic sauce to use as antipasto platter.

3) Eggplant with Mozzarella cheese - You will love this tempting combination of roasted eggplant and Mozzarella cheese.