How to use a tupperware jello mold ?

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It is a very versitile, item to pirchase. You can do from salads to ice for a great punch bowl decoration while the ice floats. Or use it as a jello mold for those great parties using as a Jello jiggler.

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A Tupperware Jel Ring mold is a 6 cupped container made of plastic and of versatile use. You can use a Tupperware jello mold for making the most attractive gelatin salads and mold cold salads like chicken, pasta, tuna and punch bowl rice. The lids provided at the top and bottom of the Tupperware jello mold allow you to unmold the set gelatin easily and serve it. All you have to do is, fill the Tupperware jello mold with your gelatin dessert and refrigerate it until firm for 6 – 8 hours. Then you can remove one of the lids and release the molded gelatin on a serving tray.

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