In what way does yogurt with ground flaxseed act as a superfood?

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The combination of yogurt and ground flaxseed can help you reap multiple benefits. Let us consider these in detail:

·     Yogurt is considered good for the stomach because of its probiotic properties. It develops good bacteria in the stomach and promotes good digestive tract functioning.

·     It has reasonable amounts of protein, calcium, B vitamins, and potassium, all of which play an indispensible role in maintaining good health.  

·     Flaxseed has a similar nutrition profile, with the addition of fiber. The ground form ensures that all the nutrition is absorbed, while whole flaxseed might simply pass through the intestines.

·     It has adequate fiber essential for food movement in the bowels.

·     It also has iron, which increases haemoglobin and fights anemia.

·     It lowers blood cholesterol and promotes heart function.

Therefore, yogurt and ground flaxseed is a healthy combo that you should never miss. Here are some suggestions for 10 superfoods that you should eat everyday.