Is casaba melon good enough to fight any disease?

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Yes, it is. Casaba melon has a bright yellow rind with white flesh. It is very rich in vitamin C and fiber. Including this melon in your diet can help fight against the following diseases:

·     Scurvy – This is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency, which could lead to bleeding gums. The vitamin C from casaba melon can help replenish the levels in your blood, thus preventing scurvy from occurring.

·     Cancer  – Vitamin C is full of antioxidants, which prevents free radicals, which can prevent cancer.

·     Heart disease  - Being nil in fat and cholesterol makes it a very heart healthy fruit.

·     Anemia – The iron keeps your haemoglobin level in appropriate levels.

·     Digestive ailments – Fiber from the melon aids with digestion and relieves conditions like constipation and stomach upset.

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