Is cranberry juice beneficial for any particular health condition?

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Drinking cranberry juice can be helpful in many ways. However, the fruit is very acidic and is not recommended for people suffering from heartburn. If you do not have this problem, you can very well drink the juice to obtain the following health benefits:

·        Fights UTI – Pregnant women are often recommended to drink cranberry juice to avoid urinary tract infections (UTI). The beneficial substances help keep Escherichia coli, the bacteria causing most UTI, at bay.

·        Aids digestion – The fiber in cranberry adds bulk to the food and aids in proper digestion.

·        Vitamin C – Essential for healthy bones and to keep your immunity strong. It also aids in absorption of iron.

·        Vitamin B6 – This is crucial for a variety of functions like making antibodies to fight diseases, keep blood sugar under control, and to aid with normal nerve function.

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