Is high fructose corn syrup the harmful ingredient in candies ?

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High fructose corn syrup or HFCS is one of the most harmful ingredients lurking in your candies. It is the commonly used ingredient in gummy based candies, milk chocolate bars, juices, ketchups, lollipos and soda pop other than your favourite candy! HFCS is very cheap and adds loads of sweetness to the baked items and confectionaries.  Learn on how it is the worst candy ingredient for your kid!

1)  Diabetes 2 Risk:-Americans are known to consume 63 percent of HFCS each year putting them at the highest risk of type 2 diabetes. It has highest amount of sweetest sugar called fructose present leading to diabetes and childhood diabetes like conditions.

2) Non Alcholoic Fatty Liver Disease:- Increased consumption of HFCS is linked with liver scarring and fibrosis  leading to liver failure and cancer.

3) Heart Disease Risk:- This spooky ingredient is one of the major causes of heart diseases in early age. It has high amount of saturated fat in the form of bad cholesterol that contributes to hardening of arteries in and around the heart.

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