Is it true that chamomile acts as natural first - aid food, if yes then how ?

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Flowering herb chamomile is the wonderful home grown natural first aid treatment that has multiple uses. The sweet pineapple like fragrance of this herb makes it a powerful natural sedative. Apart from this, here are a few of the other beneficial ways of using this European herb:-

-  Relieve yourself from constant bouts of stomach ailments by drinking chamomile tea every morning.

- It has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic (fever and pain reducing) properties.

-  Because of the presence of special compound called coumarin, the leaves of this herb are used to treat pink eye infection (one of the common eye infections during rainy season).

- Fresh flowers of chamomile are used to treat skin allergies, rashes, and insect bites.

- Mix chamomile juice with lemon juice and use it as an instant hair conditioner.

- Drinking chamomile tea eliminates the swellings and sprains of joints.

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