Is lecithin the harmful ingredient in candies ?

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Most of the brands sell candies laced with lecithin granules that are deemed potentially harmful. It is used as an emulsifier and stabilizing agent. The fact that it is a soy protein by-product can be threatening for certain individuals. To add, it is synthesized from a chemical compound called hexane that can prove disastrous for your digestive system. Let us inform ourselves about some other harmful effects of this common candy ingredient:-

1) Allergic Reactions:- Soy protein and products made out of it are allergic in nature leading to a series of skin and immune reactions in certain individuals.

2) Suppressed Immune Functions:- Too much consumption of lecithin ingrained candies and bakery products leads to suppressed immunity due to loss of immunoglobulins ( molecules responsible for evading bacteria and viruses).

3) Rhinitis:- This is an acute runny nose condition seen in kids. It is a kind of allergy caused by egg and soy products. Lecithin is obtained from both of these protein foods and thus can be overwhelming for allergy prone kids.

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